Market Surveillance Needs Assessment

September and October 2019


Johann Dietrich


Purpose of the assessment

The needs assessment provided to the project team a deeper knowledge about the needs and gaps of the market surveillance systems and its legal basis in the countries of the Eastern Partnership. The objectives of the assessment were the following:

  • to learn more about the status quo of and the plans for market surveillance in the countries,
  • to identify two to three product groups that are of high interest to all the six countries and that are sensible for the project to focus on,
  • to collect bi- or multilateral needs the project can fulfil and adapt the existing action plan accordingly,
  • to identify further gaps that can be tackled by the project, and
  • to identify three of the six countries that should be supported to create yearly working programmes.



The needs assessment consisted of the analysis of collected information during study visits of the expert Mr. Johann Dietrich. 2 pre-missions were already conducted by Mr. Ivan Hendrikx. The findings of Mr. Hendrikx work as a basis for the detailed Needs Assessment.