PTB Project “Strengthening Quality Infrastructure within the countries of the South Caucasus”

Improving metrological services and the quality infrastructure


The issue of quality infrastructure (QI) is of paramount importance for the economic relations of the countries in the South Caucasus region, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The three National Metrology Institutes (NMI) in the three countries are still in a phase of reforms to strengthen their provision of services for their clients, which are foremost testing and calibration laboratories.

Well-functioning metrology services that are closely tailored to the needs of the clients are a prerequisite for an effective national QI. Hence, they ensure that national products meet international quality regulations and can be exported within and out of the region. 

The regional project continues and deepens the cooperation between PTB and the three NMIs in the South Caucasus. Its goal is to extend and improve the metrological services of the NMIs in the South Caucasus. In the three countries, the NMIs work currently on the creation of further national reference laboratories. Consultation and support during these efforts will enhance the institutional capacities and performance and will contribute to achieve international recognition. Therefore, selected quantities, depending on the needs of the partner institutions and the demand within the countries, will be developed. Moreover, the exchange with the private sector will be improved to strengthening the comprehension of the NMIs as a service provider and increasingly adapting the current and future activities to the actual needs within the region.

The project has a strong regional approach. This is going to be achieved by multilateral capacity building workshops and seminars as well as organisational events, like regular Steering Committee Meetings.


Contact Person:

Kathleen Richter

Project Coordinator

International Cooperation Europe and CIS

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt


Phone: +49 (0) 531 - 592 8512