Steering Committee Meeting 2019

01 - 04 April 2019, Tbilisi

From 01 to 04 April 2019 the Steering Commitee Meeting of the Eastern Partnership project met in Tbilisi to adapt the project planning for the upcoming months.


Dr. Rózsa Ring

Linda Rinkule

Ivan Hendrikx


01 April:

The participants discussed the course of the project, monitored the achievements, and adapted the planned activities according to the current situations in the Eastern Partnership region.

02 April:

On Day 2, the Annual Accreditation Meeting and the Annual Market Surveillance Meeting took place. The participants discussed chosen topics which were of high relevance to all six partner institutions. By that they could share their experiences and strategies with each other and found common solutions to common challenges. The accreditation experts discussed key issues of ISO/IEC 17011:2017. The experts on market surveillance concentrated on the elements of a market surveillance strategy.

03 - 04 April:

Finally, the meeting was used to have two professional trainings. Dr. Rózsa Ring shared their knowledge on ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (product certification bodies). Miss Linda Rinkule conducted a practical training on market surveillance strategies.

You can find the concrete agenda here.

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