Advanced Market Surveillance Inspector Training

28 January - 01 February 2019


Host: Gosstandart, Minsk/Belarus


Ivan Hendrikx

Nikola Tuneski


Purpose of the training

The training was meant for lead non-food inspectors and other staff of a market surveillance authority dealing with policy and training.

Emphasis was on a regional concept of compliance with EU technical regulations and the compliance with the model “L” of UNECE which includes common regulatory objectives (arrangements), use of harmonized standards for conformity assessment and an effective market surveillance system.



The programme subjects have been:

  1. The general legislative framework for product safety
  2. The General Market Surveillance Model (GMSM)
    • Building an effective, evidence based MS system
  3. Specific tools and skills to perform MS activities
    • Includes: statistical techniques, system level sampling, test plan, measurement uncertainty, IT query tools, among others.


Target group

- Lead inspectors of non-food products who will use the knowledge acquired in this training in their daily work.

- Staff of Market Surveillance Authorities involved in MS strategy and training development.


Examination and quality control

The training has been designed according to ISO 29990:2010, Learning services for non-formal education and training – Basic requirements for service providers.