12th International Summer School on Analytical Science, Metrology and Accreditation

07-20 July 2019

This year was the 12th edition of the MSC summer school. The summer school covers important topics as quality assurance, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, metrology and accreditation (traceability, uncertainty, compliance assessment and decision rules, validation, use of CRMs, internal and external quality assurance).

PTB financially supported four National Accreditation Bodies of the Eastern Partnership countries to send one participant each to the Summer School 2019 in Lyon to learn about current methds and proccesses in he fields of metrology and accreditation. After the event, the participants forwarded the gained knowledge from the summer school in France to their colleagues wtihin their National Accreditation Bodies at home.


What did the participants say about the MSC Summer School?


"Summer school is of my best experiences in Europe. It is stressful and enjoyable at the same time. The school is a great place to learn and practice metrology in chemistry, ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Also, the practical laboratory project is a highlight of the school, in which you apply the knowledge you have learnt to the “real-life” situation. You probably would feel overwhelming at first because of an intense schedule full of lectures, group work, online tasks, lab work and reports. But you don’t need to face it all by yourself; you will be in a group with people from different background, experience and culture. And believe me, in every single task, you can always find the happiness and memorable moments."


"I highly recommend the summer school for future participants. No matter student of specialist, everyone can get new knowledge/skill from the summer school. Moreover, meeting new friends and sharing experience is very valuable. The school’s content covers major aspects of the measurement process in chemical lab: developing and validating testing procedure, calculating uncertainty, complying with standard. Also, it improves soft skills (communication, team building, conflict solving, time management, team leading)"


The website of the MSC Summer School can be found here.