Joint market surveillance inspection and training on Risk Assessment for Market Surveillance needs

07 - 10 October 2019, Kyiv


In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP), PTB will conduct a joint market surveillance inspection on 07 October 2019. Together with the partners from the Eastern Partnership countries, SSUFSCP will do a supermarket inspection. A pre- and a post-discussion will allow to exchange and and learning for all participants.

Afterwards, from 08 to 10 October 2019, a training on Risk Assessment for Market Surveillance needs will be held.



2 participants per country

Target group

Either: Officers of Market Surveillance Authorities of Countries who are / will be in charge of controls of products on the respective national market

Or: Senior Officers of the administrations in charge of organising market surveillance activities at national scale

Requirements of the participants*

The participants should know the texts of the different EU directives/regulations, especially the parts referring to the field of application, essential requirements, conformity assessment procedures and market surveillance activities.

Participants should be able to bring up problems they faced so far with market surveillance activities in their country in the sectors to be dealt with (especially with imported products).


Linda Rinkule

Johann Dietrich


You can find the draft agenda here.

Objective and results

The seminar aims at clarifying which EU legislation is applicable in the various sectors and the way to apply them, especially in the field of market surveillance activities.

The participants should be capable at the end of the seminar to understand the different approaches of market surveillance activities under EU harmonised legislation and to carry them out in their countries accordingly.

Special rules for industrial and consumer products being applicable at this point of time and different stages of adoption and implementation of EU harmonized legislation impose a thorough knowledge of these rules, in order Market Surveillance Authorities being able to carry out the controls in their countries following these rules.

Transfer of specialised knowledge, of experience and of best practices in EU Member States will contribute to a faster and more efficient, at the same time correct market surveillance activities in the Eastern Partnership Countries, leading to safe products being marketed.


Presentations and discussions on the legislation applicable, the different situations depending on the type of legislation and examples of actions to be taken in case deficiencies of the already marketed products are signaled.


Inspection: Russian

Training: English with Russian interpretation


Joint Inspection:


Вул. Б.Грінченка, 1

01001 Kyiv



Adress: 25 Taras Shevchenko blvd.

             01032, Kyiv



* PTB reserves the right to reject registrations from participants that do not fulfill minimum requirements needed for the success of the activity.

The registration is closed.

Deadline was the 06 September 2019. Please consider that all registrations after the deadline will not be financially supported by PTB.

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