Training on ISO 15189:2022 (medical laboratories)

A 1-day virtual training has been organized on 12 January 2024 on the revised version of the preferred international standard for accreditation of medical laboratories is ISO 15189 “Medical laboratories, Requirements and competence”.

According to the resolution of ILAC adopted by EA, the transition period is 3-years from date of publication, meaning that at the end of the transition period, December 2025, accreditation of a medical laboratory to the previous version (ISO 15189:2012) will not be recognised under the ILAC MRA / EA MLA. Therefore, the accreditation bodies have to be prepared for assessing medical laboratories against ISO 15189:2022.

The aim of the training is to give an overview of the relevant changes and areas where special focus is necessary when assessing medical laboratories. The Training was provided by Rodothea Koniotou and moderated by Rózsa Ring.

Approximately 45 participants from the 5 EaP accreditation bodies involved in the management and assessments of medical laboratories (Lead Assessors, technical assessors/experts and staff having related accreditation functions) benefited from the training.


by Stefan Wallerath