Quality Standards for Increased Trade - Insights from the Metrology Forum on December 5

The Metrology Forum convened on December 5, 2023, as a component of the PTB project "Quality Standards for Increased Trade in the Eastern Partnership Countries". The event assembled participants from the metrology institutes of five European partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Commencing with short presentations highlighting the international recognition of each national metrology institute, the forum followed with a comprehensive presentation by Mr. Chingis Kuanbayev, Head of CBKT and CIPM MRA Support/BIPM-International Liaison & Communication Department, on CIPM-MRA Requirements. In addition, representatives from the Moldovan and Georgian metrology institutes offered insightful reflections derived from their participations in COOMET and EURAMET peer evaluations. The central objective of the forum was to facilitate a regional knowledge exchange, providing a strategic platform for the dissemination of best practices and collaborative problem-solving. Moreover, opportunities for further regional activities, like regional trainings and inter-laboratory comparisions (ILCs) were discussed. Encouraged by the positive response, there is a strategic intent to institutionalize this forum as a recurrent event, fostering sustained connectivity and ensuring awareness of regional developments.


by Laura Donath