EaP Team

PTB EaP Team

Corinna Weigelt

Head of Section

I am responsible for the overall project coordination, looking for regional synergies as well as ensuring and encouraging regional exchange, knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Phone: +49 (0) 531 592 9310


Laura Donath

Project Coordinator

Within the Eastern Partnership project, I am working as a project coordinator for the cooperation country Georgia. I am responsible for planning, implementing, and backstopping the project activities. My main tasks include channeling the communication with the team members, project experts and partners, as well as encouraging cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders.

Phone: +49 (0) 531 592 9341


Kathleen Richter

Project Coordinator

In my capacity as one of the project coordinators, I bear primary responsibility for fostering collaboration between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Moldova. My duties encompass the strategic planning and meticulous execution of project initiatives and events. Furthermore, I serve as the conduit for effective communication amongst team members and project experts, all while promoting a synergistic partnership and collaboration amongst the project's esteemed partners and stakeholders.

Phone: +49 (0) 531 - 592 8512
Mobile: +49 (0)151 28334721


Stefan Wallerath

Project Coordinator

In my position as one of the project coordinators, I am responsible mainly for the cooperation countries Armenia and Ukraine. My main tasks include planning, implementation and backstopping of the project activities. I organize and implement project activities and events, channel the communication with the partners, team members and project experts, as well as encourage cooperation and collaboration between all involved stakeholders.

Phone: +49 (0) 531 - 592 8255


National Coordinators in the EaP Countries

Lusine Safaryan


In my position as national coordinator I’m responsible for representation of PTB towards partners and stakeholders in Armenia, maintenance of a dialogue with project partners, experts and other donors, preparation, organization, facilitation and documentation of events and activities in Armenia and other project countries, assist experts and project staff for activities in country.

Lala Huseynova


At Eastern Partnership Project, I am working as a national coordinator of PTB in Azerbaijan. My responsibilities include assistance to project managers teams with the coordination of resources, equipment, meetings, and information. Supporting PTB in planning, implementation and coordination of missions in the field of Quality Infrastructure in Azerbaijan. Experience in the EU funded projects for more than 15 years as a Project assistant.

Tamar Labartkava


In the capacity of National Coordinator for Georgia my responsibilities include the coordination of project related activities at national level, arranging various events, identifying the relevant stakeholders for the project and cooperating with them, disseminating information, proposing activities aimed at strengthening the Quality Infrastructure of Georgia to partners and PTB project management. I have been working for PTB in Georgia since 2012. 

Raresha Galaicu


In my position as a national coordinator for the Republic of Moldova within the Eastern Partnership Project, I am representing PTB towards partners and stakeholders in Moldova (Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalisation, National Metrology Institute, National Accreditation Body, Institute for Standardisation of Moldova), by maintaining a dialogue with project partners, experts and other donors. My professional experience is over 14 years, of which 8 years in EU-funded projects, including a Twinning Project “Strengthening of the standards and metrology sector according to the best practice in the EU Member States” implemented by PTB in Moldova in 2015-2017.


Julia Bliusovych


In my position as a national coordinator for Ukraine in the Eastern Partnership Project, I am responsible for communication with project partners, encouraging the participation of stakeholders, establishing new connections in the country for the Project, support in the organization of activities and meetings. I started working with PTB in the field of Quality Infrastructure at the end of 2018. Since 2019 I have been working as a contact person in the bilateral PTB Project for metrology in Ukraine.

EaP Expert Team

Dr. Irene Flouda

Irene Flouda is working as a metrology expert in several EU and PTB projects. She is a physicist and holds a PhD on solid state physics and electro-magnetic measurements. After her PhD she was involved in several research projects, while from 1997 till 2013 she was the Head of the department for electrical and time & frequency measurements of the Hellenic of Metrology (EIM) and was the contact person for the relevant technical committees of EURAMET. Since 1997 she is a technical assessor of the Greek accreditation body (ESYD) and has been a member of accreditation technical committees. Since 2013, she has been working as a metrology and quality infrastructure (conformity assessment and accreditation) expert in many countries and regions, such as Eastern Partnership, South Caucasus, Central Asia, Western Balkans and Middle East.

Suzana Lange

In the Eastern Partnership Project, I work as a facilitator, management consultant and organisational developer. I support the PTB team and the partners to design, plan, implement and monitor regional and inter-institutional activities such as the QI4GT fund. I am very passionate about finding effective ways to stimulate the exchange between experts and institutions, to combine scarce resources and to scale up valuable experience.

My academic background is in political science. I have been working as project manager and consultant in the EU enlargement and neighbourhood region for more than 20 years. I am co-founder of the RADI consulting firm that combines participative collaboration with IT-based information and collaboration for the target group of internationally active organisations and networks.

Dr. Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke

QI Facilitator

In the Eastern Partnership Project, I work as a facilitator and support the teams in the partner countries in promoting quality infrastructure for selected value chains. We use the Calidena methodology https://www.calidena.ptb.de, which enables stakeholders to identify quality gaps and agree activities to address these gaps with quality infrastructure services.

My academic background is a degree in economics and a PhD in political science. As a visiting scholar at the University of Technology, I am committed to QI as a research discipline. As a partner of the consulting firm mesopartner, I am involved in quality infrastructure projects worldwide.

Dr. Rózsa Ring

Accreditation Expert

Rózsa Ring is working as a consultant in several EU projects for strengthening the quality infrastructure in many countries. She has 31 years of experience in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment. For 20 years, from 1995 till 2005, she was the Director of the Hungarian national accreditation body. For almost a decade she served the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) as an Executive Committee member and Treasurer. For several years she was active in standardisation at national level and international level (CEN, ISO/TC69, ISO/CASCO). She holds a master diploma for mathematics and a PhD for economy. Since 1994, she has been working as an accreditation and conformity assessment expert in many countries, e.g. Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership countries, Croatia, Iraq and Luxembourg.